There is no knife that's best for you.
A truly great knife should make cooking more fun.

My name is David Golombeck. Since 2010, I have been sharpening kitchen knives, specializing on serrated edges, high quality Japanese, hand crafted and pocket knives, as well as household fabric shears and most garden tools. I also repair most damages due to chipping or broken tips.

I have made my service available at your local Farmer's Market and also provide a mobile service that allows us to greet you at your door.

Please call me to make an appointment - (213) 280-1152

Full Service.

From Knives and Garden Shears and Everything in Between

I specialize in all types of personal and commercial knives as well as garden and fabric shears. If it has a blade of some type, chances are I can sharpen it.

I utilize our proven 5 step process to achieve the sharpest edge.

The objective is to remove as little steel as possible while establishing a razor sharp edge and maintain the integrity of the blade.

All implements are sharpened using fine aluminum oxide abrasive and water-cooled wheels, every blade is inspected and tested before returning to customer to ensure precise sharpening.

Most home chefs should sharpen their kitchen knives 1-2 times per year and restaurants every 1-2 months.

I Come To You.

Mobile Service

I am able to come to your home and workplace if you live within a 10 mile radius of Sherman Oaks to sharpen your knives or whatever blades you need sharpened. My mobile service is available by appointment only. Please email me.